"With great power comes great responsibility"

Hi, I'am Muhammad Hazmirul Afiq. I do penetration testing. I've been in this field since 2015.

About this blog

This blog was created mainly about my own personal thoughts and tutorials on IT security because of my deep interest on infosec. Anything on this blog was on my own writing and the content were things that I've learned and would love to share.

The writings also will be my future reference. Hopefully my little write ups here will give you some benefits and you can learn something from me.

Reach me out on:
Twitter & Instagram: at hazmirulz
Email: hazmirul.afiq at protonmail d0t com

Visit this website on Tor using the link here: http://icem4n5xwb3s54bl.onion


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Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.