Privacy policy

Privacy protection

I recommend my visitors to use Tor while surfing the internet to stay anonymous. You can visit this site with Tor using the link http://icem4n5xwb3s54bl.onion

Types of purpose collection

  1. Analytics
    This website use Google Analytics where I use to track visitors and examine website traffic and performance to improve my websites. This type of information will not allow you to be personally identified. However, you may use VPN, proxy, or disable JavaScript to blocking the Google Analytics. Google Analytics may collect non-personal information such as IP address and user-agent.

  2. Mailing address
    I do collect mailing email addresses only when people subscribe to my blog. This type of information will not be collected without your consent. Subscriber will get email notifications everytime I published new post and can cancel the subscription at any time. I promise not to send spams or advertise your emails to other party.

  3. External Links
    The Website contains links and references to other websites. I'm not responsible for the collection, use and disclosure of information, or the privacy practices of such websites, and I expressly disclaim any liability relating thereto.

  4. Affiliate Links
    This website may use affiliate links to recommend you the product that I use. I will get small earnings when you use the affiliate links. You can use the link to support this blog. The links may collects information and I'm not responsible for the collection.

I expressly acknowledge that will not use your Personal Information for any other purposes without your consent. Further, I will only collect Personal Information to the extent necessary for the abovementioned purposes.


Please enable JavaScript when browsing through this blog to improve your experience. This website is safe. I respect every of my visitors and promise not to use any weird JavaScript.